Emi Electra

Twisted Heaven

Two near-strangers find themselves in a basement sheltering from the ongoing apocalypse. Faced with utter hopelessness, they come to realize it's the world within that's collapsing.

Twisted Heaven is a cerebral experimental film delving into the ways fear, mental illness, and trauma often keep people trapped in unhealthy situations. The film follows two unsuspecting players in a human drama crafted by an eccentric egomaniac. Faced with ultimate terror, the characters brave an alchemical journey from torture to transcendence, pushing the limits of will and endurance.

Twisted Heaven investigates dark subject matter including suicide, drug use, human trafficking, manipulation, and abuse.

The story is told through an artful lens that attempts to capture the nuance and emotional depth of experiences that deviate from the norm. 

Through a successful crowdfunding campaign we were able to push the project forward into active production, bringing Twisted Heaven to life in a manner far exceeding our expectations. With the help of overwhelming grassroots support and our skilled and driven production team we completed first half of the film's principal photography in late May 2021.

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