Emi Electra

Twisted Heaven


Two people take shelter in a basement, only to discover someone else is already there. To him, their desperation is an opportunity.


Twisted Heaven is an experimental feature film about the ways fear, mental illness, and trauma can keep people trapped in unhealthy situations. The film tells the story of two vulnerable people who are exploited after being taken in by an eccentric egomaniac. They are entirely at his mercy for their survival, which he is able to provide for - at enormous cost to them. As they are faced with ultimate terror, the characters undergo an alchemical journey from torture to transcendence.


AMBER ANNE, who will be playing Bunny, is an actress based in Buffalo, NY. She is known for the experimental horror film Somatika, in which she took on the role of protagonist Nera while assisting in production and set design. Amber is heavily active in the Western New York film community. She has frequently collaborated with students at the RIT School of Film and Animation, and has appeared in a multitude of local films and commercials.

GUY BALOTINE, who will be playing the role of Jack, is a classically-trained actor born and raised in Surrey, England. He attended Escher College and The Arts Educational Schools, and was a recipient of The Lilian Bayliss Award. Guy presently resides in Buffalo, NY, where he works as an actor in film, theatre, voiceover, and commercials.

JONAH PAOLUCCI is a writer and actor based in Buffalo, NY. He will be playing Jonathan Saint. Jonah is known for his work as the lead character Cyrus in the short film Palace of Us. He also contributed to the screenplay for Somatika, in which he also acted.

ZEPHYR AMETHYST is our assistant director and composer. She is a producer, vocalist, and seasoned composer. Her unique style is influenced by a wide variety of sources, including gothic rock, trap, hip-hop, cloud rap, and more.

Emi Electra developed the screenplay for Twisted Heaven under the mentorship of GUY MADDIN, a Canadian filmmaker known for his surreal, dreamlike works, which are often cited for their striking visuals and obscure sensibilities. Since completing his first film in 1985, Maddin has become one of Canada's most well-known and celebrated filmmakers.

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